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SmallBusinesses.com is a website that allows for people to communicate for the sake of advertising, marketing, promoting, and reviewing goods and services from businesses and from those that provide goods and services.   SmallBusinesses.com dose not cost anything to use and is available for everyone to use with some restrictions.



Because virtually anyone can put information, listings, pages, and reviews on SmallBusinesses.com, SmallBusinesses.com has a “Use at your own risk” policy.  We do not guarantee any quality of product, or any quality of service, or any quality and or accuracy of reviews on SmallBusinesses.com

It is important and your responsibility to understand that reviews are peoples opinions and are not always an accurate reflections of a company.  SmallBusinesses.com is not responsible for how and business or person portrays themselves, or their business, or their product, or service on SmallBusinesses.com




SmallBusinesses.com and its affiliates reserves the right to remove the following improper items, the improper items are but is not limited to any text, picture, video, comment, listings, reviews, and user that we at SmallBusinesses.com believe to be an obstruction of contributing to the family friendly theme of SmallBusinesses.com and all items that are indecent or lascivious.  Although we do not guarantee the remove of all improper items listed above, upon discovery of such we will remove those items.



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SmallBusinesses.com is a communication based web-application that allows people to freely post information on our website.  We are not responsible for any information you give or receive from SmallBusinesses.com.  You are responsible for the text, pictures, and videos you put on SmallBusinesses.com 

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